Buckland is a registered charity and a "non-profit" organisation which is administered by a voluntary Board of Directors. The day to day running of Buckland is managed by a team of dedicated professionals.


At Buckland We Care

Our Vision

To be a leader in the provision of care to the aged

Our Mission

To provide respectful and dignified care and services that acknowledge the value of each individual

We Value

Honesty, loyalty and integrity
Respect for people
Effective, ethical leadership
Pride in everything we do



Buckland Aged Care Services (Buckland) is committed to adhering to its statutory obligations, its rules and values. We are committed to providing those involved with our organisation a safe environment to raise breaches of internal rules or policy, or Reportable Conduct relating to Buckland, its officer, employees or members.

In cases where people feel they need to be protected in relation to raising a matter, this Policy outlines the protections that will apply.

This Policy will be made available to all officers and employees of the company on the server as part of the company's policies and procedures and here on the Buckland website.

Download Buckland Whistleblower Policy >>>


Your opportunity to make a real difference

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