Sir Thomas Buckland, renowned philanthropist, who at the time was the Governor of the Bank of New South Wales, founded the organisation in 1934. Sir Thomas Buckland acquired land at Springwood and proceeded to build a hospital for women, whom for various reasons required specialist medical care. 

 In return for this most generous contribution to the Blue Mountains region, Sir Thomas Buckland sought from the New South Wales government, a commitment to provide a reticulated water system for the residents of the lower Blue Mountains.

Since Buckland’s inception as a Convalescent Hospital in 1934 the organisation has now progressed from being an innovative edifice of the thirties to housing the children from the Burnside Homes during the forties to again returning to a hospital for women in the fifties.  

Today the organisation has expanded its array of services to providing many self care options, and aged care residential services in the Springwood area.