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The Commonwealth Government has enshrined in legislation the following rights and responsibilities for all residents:

Every person has the right to freedom and respect and the right to be treated fairly by others. A person's rights do not diminish when he or she moves into a nursing home or hostel, regardless of his or her physical or mental frailty or ability to exercise or fully appreciate his or her rights.

A positive, supportive and caring attitude by family, friends, nursing home or hostel proprietors and staff, carers and the community will help people who live in nursing homes or hostels to continue as integral, respected and valued members of society.

Australian society has a strong commitment to social justice principles. Those principles recognise the aspirations of all Australians to a dignified and secure way of life with equal access to health care, housing and education, and equal rights in civil, legal and consumer matters. They form the basis of a society, which is free of predjudice and is caring, just and humane.

This charter affirms those social justice principles.

The personal, civil, legal and consumer rights of each resident are not diminished in any way when he or she moves into a nursing home or hostel.

The charter also recognises that residents of nursing homes or hostels have the responsibility to ensure that the exercising of their individual rights does not affect others' individual rights, including those providing care. The charter recognises that residents have specific and responsibilities which balance the needs of the individual against the needs of the nursing home and hostel community as a whole.

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Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment >>>

Use this form to give the Australian Government Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans Affairs details about your combined assets and income for permanent residential aged care purposes.

Information Booklet about your Combined Assets and Income Assessment >>>

This booklet contains important information you need to know about your Permanent Residential Aged Care Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment.

Download Resident Handbook >>>

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Residential Care Agreement >>> 

For information purposes only.

Available on request.

The "My Aged Care" and "The Department of Health" websites can also provide helpful information on the different types of care and services available and information on how to access these services.

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