Consent to give Antiviral "Tamiflu"

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4 Jul 2023

Dear relatives and Friends of Buckland,

The risk of infection from Influenza A or B contributes to a greater risk for residents in aged care settings. Prompt administration of the Antiviral “TAMIFLU” is strongly recommended for residents in Aged Care and is administered to assist with symptoms if infected with Influenza A/B strains.

As part of the Department of Health’s winter preparedness plan, packs of the prescription-only medication, Tamiflu (oseltamivir), an oral antiviral used to treat and prevent influenza A and B infections, has been deployed to residential aged care facilities (RACF) in a one-off preplacement.

With this in mind, we ask if either the Next of Kin or the Resident sign the attached consent form to administer antivirals in the event of their loved one/themselves contracting the virus. On signing this document we can promptly commence antivirals no matter what day or time (recommended within 48 hours of symptoms onset and no later). Treatment can be effective in assisting people who are displaying symptoms and who also have a higher risk of progressing to severe disease.

This medication is recommended for use in residents in Aged Care settings and has been supplied to Aged Care facilities for timely access and is also available at community pharmacies.

Tamiflu for influenza prevention - Public Health Units may also recommend Tamiflu as a preventive measure as well.

Please refer to the attached consent form to administer antivirals in the event of Influenza A & B to assist with symptom management and alleviate symptoms.

Lisa Murray - Infection Prevention and Control Lead Buckland Aged Care Services