COVID-19 & Flu Vaccinations

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7 Mar 2023

Good Morning,

It’s that time of the year again when NSW Health recommends the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination for 2023. 

Vaccination is recommended for all resident’s aged 65 and over to reduce the risk of influenza complications and to prevent influenza outbreaks in aged care facilities.

Attached is a consent form, for Next of Kin (resident representative)/residents to sign, to receive the 2023 dose. The vaccination should become available from mid-April for administration to our residents. Information on the Influenza vaccine “Fighting the Flu starts with you” is also contained in this correspondence.

Also attached is a COVID-19 consent form and relevant information. The Department of Health and Aged care has stated that all adults are now eligible for a further booster dose.  All adults who have not had a COVID-19 booster or a confirmed case in the past 6 months can now get another booster.

There will also be consent forms available at reception if you would prefer to sign them when visiting the facility. 

Please sign these consents at your earliest convenience and return either via email to or leave at our reception for collection.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Buckland either by phone 024752250 or email as above.

Kind regards

Lisa Murray

Infection Prevention and Control Lead

Buckland Aged Care Services