Mobile Dental Services

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16 Oct 2023

Who are Mobile Dental Services (MDS)?

MDS operates a fleet of mobile dental clinics and was founded in 2010 to address the evident lack of dental options available for elderly Australians. Since inception, MDS has treated over 20,000 patients across more than 300 Aged Care Facilities and Retirement Villages within NSW and Victoria. The clinics at MDS offer the latest in techniques and technology to make every appointment and procedure as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, all dentistry is delivered by professional staff who specialise in treating elderly patients – we are understanding, compassionate and very dedicated to making sure we improve the life of everyone we treat.

What is the treatment process?

Step 1 –Comprehensive examination, scale and fluoride treatment. Radiographs will also be taken, if necessary, to determine any further treatment required to maintain healthy oral function. Dentures will be assessed for fit and professionally cleaned.

Step 2 – Should further treatment be required, a comprehensive dental treatment plan will be compiled. Mobile Dental Services will contact you directly to discuss the proposed treatment plan, treatment costs and to obtain consent for treatment.

Step 3 – The mobile clinic will return and the proposed treatment plan will be completed by the dentist. Note that this will not proceed unless your consent has been obtained.

Step 4 – MDS will issue a Treatment Summary including recommendations for ongoing dental care.

What fees are charged? MDS charges similarly to any private dentist with item numbers as per the fee schedule. An account will be issued, which can be used to claim any eligible rebate, for those with Private Health Insurance. Or, present your Private Health Member Card to the mobile clinic at the time of appointment for instant claiming using Hicaps. Our clinicians all have Bupa Members First status, meaning Bupa Members receive Gap Free preventative treatment. DVA Gold Card and OHFFSS Vouchers from your local Dental Hospital can also be bulk billed. MDS’s commitment to provide a comprehensive service to the elderly necessitates liaison with Care Homes and families to manage patient care, including medical history and medication review, consent and more. There is time and cost to provide these services that a regular dentist simply does not provide - postage, printing and general administration through to support on each treatment day. Hence, we charge our patients a one-off Initial Patient Fee of $40 to contribute to these costs.

How much is an Initial Check-Up? For an Initial Visit, MDS will bill each patient for what is performed, according to our fee schedule. Examination is $56, clean and fluoride $145 and so on. All of us are predisposed to have different oral care requirements – we may have teeth, dentures of a combination of both, hence work required to keep your oral cavities healthy and free from decay and infection, is not the same. X Rays are only used if necessary to assess teeth for active infection/decay. For certainty on costs however, we set the Initial Checkup to a maximum limit of $295 ($125 for residents with full dentures). If we are only able to perform an exam, for example, then this is all that will be billed.

Am I able to attend the appointment with my family member? Yes of course. Having a family member attend at the appointment can often help the patients feel comfortable and relaxed, making dental treatment less unsettling to the daily routine. The dentist is also able to provide feedback regarding oral condition and any proposed treatment.

Will treatment be appropriate in respect to my family member’s general condition?

MDS treatment protocols are, very simply, to remove active decay and infection and maintain oral function. Treatment will always consider the underlying condition of the patient. Optimum treatment paths for many of our patients are uncertain due to a combination of factors including other illnesses. Hence you will always be consulted regarding any proposed treatment beyond the Initial Checkup, and given the opportunity to ask questions and consider any alternatives. MDS take the utmost care in ensuring that family members feel comfortable and informed, regarding all dental treatment.

What if I have further questions? Please get in touch with our Team ph 1800 MDS MDS (1800 637 637)

Please refer to the attached Consent Form and return to the Nursing Home Reception or via email at