State Election 2023

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10 Mar 2023

Dear Relatives and Friends of Buckland,

Just to remind both residents and families that the NSW State Election is almost upon us on the 25th March 2023. At the time residents are admitted into the facility, we ask families and friends to advise the electoral commission to change in address details for their loved ones or if that person is no longer able to effectively case a vote to go through the process of having them removed from the roll.

It is a timely reminder to check these details with the local electoral office before election. This will assist in ensuring that a fine is not issued to a resident post-election. It is the responsibility of residents/families to assist their loved ones to vote in that election whether by postal vote or at a polling booth if they are on the electoral roll.

If you wish for your loved ones to vote via postal. You are to visit the link below where you will need to apply for your loved ones ballot papers. I recommend doing this as soon as possible as it may take a few days to be received and returned.

Alternatively, we highly encourage that on the day of the election to arrange taking your loved ones to the nearest voting centre. You are able to vote early from the 18th- 24th March at Springwood Theatre and Community Hub.

Mobile voting services will not be available at Buckland Aged Care due to COVID-19.

If you have questions, please free to contact me via the nursing home reception on 02 4752 2500.

Kind Regards,

Facility Manager

Melinda Junge