COVID-19 Outbreak: Outbreak closed

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1 Jan 2022

Dear Relatives and Friends of Buckland,  

Happy New Year!!!

We are so pleased to announce that we have received all test results from the 26th of December and all results are negative. We have just been advised by the Public Health Unit that the lockdown is now lifted. This means all residents will be removed from isolation today and all activities will resume to the arrangements made pre-outbreak. This is such great news to start off the new year.

In saying that, COVID-19 is still rampant in the community with 22,577 new cases today in the state. Buckland will implement new visitation restrictions today to 1 visitor per day per resident, the visitor is required to provide a negative Rapid Antigen Test prior to entry, the test to be done onsite. In addition to that, visitors are also required to wear an n95 mask and face shield whilst in the facility. The only exception to this restriction is if a resident is undergoing the palliative pathway.

Furthermore, the general running of the facility will remain, and the infection control procedures will still be in place to ensure we maintain the health and safety standards. N95 masks, face shields and hand hygiene and temperature checks will still be a condition of entry. As a reminder, please continue signing into the facility upon your entry.

We understand how challenging these past couple weeks have been for everyone. We are all excited to welcome you back through our doors and the opportunity to see your loved ones again. We thank you for your patience and understanding through this very difficult time.

If you have any questions and or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 4752 2500.

Warm Regards,      

Johannes Brockhaus              Virginia Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer              Facility Manager