Covid-19 Outbreak Visitor Restrictions

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25 Aug 2023

Dear Family & Friends of Buckland ,

We are facing a unique situation with the current outbreak. The COVID-19 virus that has entered our facility is difficult to detect as most Residents remain asymptomatic despite testing positive. It is imperative that we do not underestimate the potential risks that this scenario poses.

As of this morning we have 24 Residents that returned positive COVID-19 test results. In light of this development, we have decided to temporarily restrict all visitations for a 72 hour period starting from 2:00pm today. Each time infection control practices are compromised, we not only jeopardise the health of our Residents but also compromise the health and wellbeing of employees, family and friends. This is not a responsibility that we can take lightly.

Over the past three days we detected 12 visitors that returned positive COVID-19 tests during routine RAT testing. If you choose to meet Residents outside of the facility over the next 72 hours, I urge you to conduct a RAT test prior to meeting with the Residents.

Residents have been urged not to leave their rooms; however we will not enforce this as a requirement as we recognise the emotional and psychosocial impact this can have on our Residents wellbeing.

The current COVID-19 virus appears to be less severe than previous strains. All infected Residents have commenced Antiviral medications and are in good health. We continue with stringent infection control procedures and are in daily contact with the Public Health Unit.

The Department of Health has provided us with extra staff from their surge workforce. Starting today, four employees will begin their service. More staff will join on Monday to offer additional assistance. In addition, we have ceased all new admissions for the next seven days to decrease the workload and to ensure continuity of care.

Thank you for your continuous commitment to our residents' well-being and for upholding the uncompromising standard of care that we hold ourselves to.

We will provide daily updates on the current situation and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 4752 2500

Warm Regards,      

Johannes Brockhaus                 

Chief Executive Officer