COVID-19 Update

29 Mar 2022

Dear Relatives and Friends of Buckland,

Day 2 surveillance testing has been competed this morning in Thomas Buckland Wing (TBW). Unfortunately, there has been 2 additional residents that have tested positive to COVID-19. Once again, the family and next of kin were immediately contacted and notified. Due to the above, we have been deemed being in an outbreak by the Public Health Unit.

All three residents are triple vaccinated, therefore, residents who have tested positive are doing well and are showing minimal symptoms. The families will remain updated on any changes that occur. 

The PHU has requested that no visitations take place during the next 12-24 hours until a full risk assessment has been completed.

Given our recent experiences with outbreaks, we will strongly advocate for residents and families that at least one visitor per resident per day will be allowed once the risk assessment has been completed, regardless of the outbreak status. 

Until further advise is available to us, TBW has been placed into a full lockdown. A diversional therapist has been allocated to TBW to ensure that residents receive emotional and social support. All group activities have been cancelled for the next 24 hours, however residents in other wings are free to leave their rooms. Residents are encouraged to wear surgical masks.

Spot checks are also conducted regularly to ensure that Infection Control Procedures are adhered to.

Fortunately, no other resident has been observed to be unwell or are showing symptoms of COVID-19. All residents will be closely monitored by our staff on duty for any signs or symptoms they may develop.

Thank you all again for your continued understanding and patience. We know how difficult and tiresome this is for all of you, and we too look forward to further progression and positive outcomes.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the Nursing Home reception on (02) 4752 2500. Please stay safe.

Kindest Regards,

Virginia Mitchell
Facility Manager