Extension of the Lockdown Period

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14 Jul 2021

Dear Relatives and Friends of Buckland,

Unfortunately, Buckland will be extending its lockdown period until the 30th July 2021 as per the NSW Premiers announcement of the extension of the lockdown in Greater Sydney. We remind you all that we continue to remain in contact with the Department of Health and the local public health unit on a daily basis to ensure we are adhering to the correct policies and procedures. 

Additionally, as usual, all other forms of message medias and window visits will continue to be utilized. All daily routines within the facility will also continue to take place. Please, we ask that you continue to follow the correct COVID-19 preventative measures enforced by NSW Health, specifically to remain in your home unless it is vital that you leave.

Through this, we hope that we will overcome the pandemic together and we can get back to some normality. Lastly, I would like to thank you all personally for your patience and understanding, we know this is a very difficult and frustrating time.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Murray, our COVID-19 Marshall and Infection Control Lead on 0402 667 443 or you can contact myself via the Nursing Home on 4752 2500.

Kind Regards,

Virginia Mitchell

Facility Manager