Facility Lockdown Update

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30 Aug 2021

Dear Relatives and Friends of Buckland,  

We are pleased to announce that Buckland has received negative results from all staff members and residents who were tested for COVID-19 from Friday 27th August.

Due to this, we have been advised by the Public Health Unit that we can cease the precautionary lockdown and will be returning to the lockdown conditions pre-Friday 27th August.

We remind you that our lockdown conditions will remain as per NSW Health Restrictions until the 30th September 2021.

This includes the re-commencing of essential and compassionate visits as arranged with management. While this is the case, we want to strongly advise you that window visits are not to be conducted except under extraordinary circumstances.

As you know, we will continue to encourage Skype calls and letters to allow you to communicate with your loved ones in a safe and healthy manner. Additionally, all residents are now out of isolation and all inhouse activities will resume with the correct infection prevention measures in place.

I would like to thank you all deeply for your support and understanding. We are very happy to be exiting this “hard lockdown” and we look forward to the day when we can freely open our doors to all of you.

As you know, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Lisa Murray, our COVID-19 Marshall and Infection Control Lead via reception on (02) 4752 2500.

Kind Regards,

Virginia Mitchell
Facility Manager