Lockdown Update

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29 Aug 2021

Dear Residents, Relatives and Friends of Buckland,


Throughout the pandemic, the aged care facility has observed stringent infection control practice and this continues to be the case, with some additional precautions now in place whilst ongoing testing of staff and residents takes place. Whilst we were obviously hoping to not be directly impacted by COVID-19, we've had prepared since the start of the pandemic a very well developed outbreak management plan. 


We continue with our precautionary “hard lockdown” and we expect the final testing results for residents to be communicated to us sometime today.


As part of our managment efforts, we had to isolate four staff members for testing and three of those already returned negative results.


I would like to thank you for your support and we are all humbled by the positive feedback we have received from you with regard to the current lockdown.


If all goes well we will be in a position to revert back to our normal operations as of Monday.


Subject to negative test results for all residents, we will be holding a Zoom relative meeting on Thursday 2 September to discuss above events and to evaluate our approach as well as any potential improvements.


If you have any questions and or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Warm Regards,
Johannes Brockhaus
Chief Executive Officer