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28 Jun 2021

Dear Relatives and Friends of Buckland,

As you are now well aware, Buckland Nursing Home has been placed into lockdown as a response to the NSW Government announcement of Sydney’s lockdown. We want to assure you all, that we are in contact with the Department of Health and local public health unit on a daily basis.

It is vital to note that we do NOT have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our facility. With this being said, during the lockdown period, only essential appointments outside of the facility are to be attended. We advise you to reschedule any appointments if possible as residents will have to isolate for 7 days post return from appointments.  

In order to ensure that our residents are still receiving continued support throughout this difficult lockdown period, we are reinstating window visits and Skype Calls. If you would like to book a day and time for either of these options, please call reception on 4752 2500 and they will pass you onto the Diversional Therapists to assist you with these activities.

Furthermore, Buckland will continue to encourage letters, phone calls and other message medias, such as Zoom Meetings and WhatsApp. Once again, our residents are our main priority, and we will do the best we can to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Lastly, all inhouse activities and daily routines within the facility will continue as normal with social distancing in place. As well as this, we will be applying the correct infection control procedures between each activity.

As always, if you require any further clarification or suggestions, please give us a call on 4752 2500 or you can send us an email at . Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the coronavirus, please contact Lisa Murray, our COVID-19 Marshall and Infection Control Lead on 0402 667 443.

Warm Regards,
Virginia Mitchell
Facility Manager