Buckland Aged Care Facility

Residential Care

Residential aged care is for people who need 24 hour nursing care. This may be because they are physically unable to move around and care for themselves, or because they suffer from dementia, illness or other behavioural problems.

We are able to cater to all special care needs, however we do not support restrained, secluding or confining a person to a residence or a locked Dementia unit, and as such, Buckland will at times not be able to care for individuals that have a tendency to abscond or display violent behaviour.

It is important to note that for entry into residential aged care, the applicant would need to have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and approved for residential care.


Subject to need and availability, Buckland can also provide respite care places for short-term care when you need it, and if you intend to return to the community. Residential care respite may be used on a planned or emergency basis, for example if you are ill, or to help if your carer is absent for any reason such as illness or holidays.

You will need an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) respite approval for admission and this approval can be used for up to 63 days in a financial year.

The Facility

Buckland residential aged care is a state-of-the-art 144 bed facility located on the main Springwood site.

This facility has 144 single rooms, each with its own en-suite, which may have individual air conditioning and wall mounted flat screen televisions.

The bedrooms are grouped into units of 8, 12 or 16 and each group has access to their own dining/sitting areas.

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If you are entering an aged care home, the Australian Government may subsidise your aged care fees. Please navigate the link to understand how the Department of Human Services can calculate the amount you will pay towards your residential aged care through your income and assets.

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The " My Aged Care" and "The Department of Health" websites can also provide helpful information on the different types of care and services available and information on how to access these services.

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