Buckland Self Care

Buckland is aware that it is never easy for people to leave their family home and move into a new environment. That is why Buckland has for over 75 years, been totally committed to creating a caring environment where so many have found a happy home.

Download Buckland Village Pricing Information >>>https://www.buckland-rv.com.au/imagesDB/wysiwyg/RetirementVillagePricingandInclusionsJuly2023.pdf

An outline of the current pricing and inclusion schedule for both the Buckland and Lyndhurst Retirement Villages.  Prices are reviewed from time to time and may change without notice.

Download Buckland Retirement VIllage Application for Accomodation >>>

Applicants need to be at least 55 years of age on entry.  An assessment by the Aged Care Assessement Team (ACAT) is not needed for entry into the Buckland or Lyndhurst Retirement Village, however a medical certificate from your general practitioner will be required.

Download Disclosure Statement >>>

This statement is provided to all prospective self care residents on request.  It is designed to give you a general understanding of the features and financial arrangements pertaining to the Buckland and Lyndhurst Retirement Villages.

Download Maps for both Retirement Villages >>>

Maps of both the Buckland Retirement Village located at 39 Hawkesbury Road, and the Lyndhurst Retirement Village located at 77 Hawkesbury Road, Springwood.