Rules and Regulations

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  1. Resident shall not do or suffer to be done any of the following:
    1. Use the Premises otherwise than for the purpose of a residence for himself and such other person as may be approved in writing by the Board in it’s absolute discretion.
    2. Make any alteration or addition in or to the premises or the gas, water or electricity supply or any of the Board's fittings.
    3. Install any television antennae or satellite without the written consent of the Board.
    4. Bring to or do or keep anything on the Premises which shall increase the rate of fire insurance on the building containing the premises or which may conflict with the laws or regulations relating to fires or any insurance policy on such buildings or regulations or ordinances of any applicable authority for the time being in force.
    5. Erect or construct in or upon any part of the exterior of the Premises or on the roof, chimney or parapet thereof any erections or structures whatsoever.
    6. Hold or allow to be held an auction or a sale of furniture or effects on the Premises.
    7. Allow any animals to be or remain within the Premises or the Village.
    8. Park or stand or permit or cause to be parked any motor vehicle or battery operated vehicle upon common property of the Village except in an area designated for that purpose.
    9. Obstruct the lawful use of common property in the Village by any person.
    10. Damage any lawn, garden, tree, shrub, plant or flower being situated upon common property in the Village.
    11. Use for his/her own purposes as a garden any portion of the common property of the Village unless written permission has been obtained from the Board.
    12. Permit any child under his supervision or control to play upon common property within the building containing the Premises or, unless accompanied by an adult exercising effective control, to be or to remain upon common property comprising a laundry, car parking area or other area of possible danger or hazard to children.
    13. Deposit or throw upon the common property any rubbish, dirt, dust or other material.
    14. Except with the consent in writing of the Board hang any washing or other articles in such a way as to be visible from outside the building containing the Premises other than on lines provided by the Board for that purpose and then only for a reasonable period.
    15. Except with the approval in writing of the Board use or store within the Premises or in any part of the Village any inflammable chemical liquid or gas.
    16. Drive nails or screws into any part of the woodwork or walls of the Premises excepting proper plugs for the support of fixtures and shall repair all such matters prior to vacating the Premises. Where such repairs are not made by the resident prior to vacating, The Board will undertake this repair work and will deduct the costs from monies held.
  2. The Resident when upon common property shall be adequately clothed and will not use language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to other residents or to any person lawfully using common property.
  3. The Resident will take all reasonable steps to insure that his invitees do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of other residents or any person lawfully using common property.
  4. The Resident will ensure that all floor space within his premises (other than that comprising kitchen laundry lavatory or bathroom) is kept covered or otherwise treated to an extent sufficient to prevent the transmission of noise likely to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other residents.
  5. The Resident shall ensure that before refuse is placed in the garbage receptacle it is securely wrapped and, in the case of tins or other containers, completely drained.
  6. The Resident will not remove or vary any door-lock or deadlock or position any chains bolts or other security devices or any other thing that could impede entry by the Board's Staff in case of emergency.
  7. Alterations required by the Resident to the internal fabric of the premises, including fixtures and fittings, must only be undertaken by a skilled tradesman nominated by the Board and at the expense of the Resident, provided that permission to implement the work has been sought and obtained in writing from the Board.
  8. The Resident will from time to time replace or repair electric light globes or fittings (as same may become broken or in disrepair) with globes or  fittings of equal strength and value as previously existed and shall leave the premises fitted with such proper globes or fittings.
  9. The Resident shall keep all window locks, fastenings, shutters, bells and other internal fixtures in good and sufficient repair and will deliver up the same together with all keys belonging thereto in good and sufficient repair at the termination of the Resident's occupation.  The Board may deduct any unrecouped cost of these items from monies held by the Board for the Resident.
  10. The Resident shall not cause, allow or suffer any conduct in or upon the premises or the Village by himself or any person or persons:
    1. That could reasonably be regarded as a nuisance or annoyance to the Board or adjoining or neighbouring occupiers, or
    2. Which is of an illegal character, or
    3. Which contravenes any of the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, and the Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2017 (Noise Control Regulation)


It is important for you to carefully read and consider the following questions before deciding to enter any retirement village.

If, after reading through the list, you are uncertain as to aspects of the village or its suitability for you, seek further advice.

  1. Have I fully discussed my decision to enter a retirement village with family, friends or advisor.
  2. If I am considering moving to a retirement village because the housework, gardening and general maintenance has become too much, have I fully considered other options?  For example, obtaining some help or handyperson help, or moving to a smaller unit in the same neighbourhood.
  3. Have I received adequate information about the retirement village I have chosen?  Have I shown the documents to my solicitor or a Chamber Magistrate?  Am I satisfied that I fully understand the contract that I am signing?
  4. Do I know that the lifestyle of the village (including social activities and religion) will suit me?  Have I spoken to any residents of the village?
  5. Will the village unit be readily accessible if I become disabled and need a wheelchair or walking aid?  What alternatives do I have if I become too frail to live alone?
  6. Does the village provide nursing care, an emergency call system and other facilities specially designed for the elderly?  Do these meet my present and likely future needs?
  7. Have I looked at a number of villages to compare the facilities and financial arrangements.
  8. Can I afford to live in the village I have chosen and what are the financial consequences for me if I do not like living in the village and wish to move out?
  9. Do I understand that recouping my refund, or realising any equity that I have, may be delayed pending resale, re-leasing or re-licensing the property?  Does my contract outline when any refund is due to me after I leave?